During the past 30+ years, Trinity Compaction has made available to this area sales, maintenance and repairs of trash compactors, balers and other types of disposal and recycling equipment. We respond quickly to any service call and our crew is fully trained in every aspect of compaction equipment repairs from wiring to welding.

We install compaction equipment to the specification of the users making modifications as needed to enhance the effectiveness and usability of the equipment. We come on site prior to any installation to make an assessment of the location in order to assure the user receives the best possible results from the location and installation of the equipment.

Waste Disposal

Large and small businesses alike must deal with the disposal of solid waste. For some, the majority of waste is corrugated boxes. For others, it may be plastic bottles or glass containers. In either situation, a compactor of some type is very beneficial to reduce the size of the material stored. Some landfills will not allow large quantities of trash to be dumped unless the trash is compacted. Waste that is not compacted requires more trucking and driver hours and thereby increases transportation costs for the business.

Recycle Your Waste

With the current push for a “greener planet,” most businesses are trying much harder to recycle as much waste material as possible. The problem is, most recyclable materials require vast amounts of storage space. Businesses that recycle find it worthwhile to compact recyclables before shipping them to a processing location. The cost of transporting recyclables increases dramatically when the material is not compacted. The compaction of recyclable materials to be shipped reduces the number of transportation miles required to reach processing stations.

Compact your Trash

Our business is compaction. Whether it is for trash that you are discarding or for aluminum cans you plan to recycle, the need for compaction units cannot be overstated. Compaction simply defined means taking an uncontrollable volume of matter and reducing the amount of space it occupies by crushing it to remove the pockets of air. This process transforms the waste material into a more controllable size that is easier to store and easier to transport.

Contact us for information concerning the purchase of new, used or refurbished compactors and balers or for any service needed for existing units. We will be happy to give you a quote and to suggest ways to help you better control your solid waste materials.